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Song School Latin Series
Grades: 1–3
Latin for Children Series
Grades: 3–7
Latin Alive! Series
Grades: 7-12
Latin for Teachers



Why Latin?

This is a good question for anyone contemplating investing several years of study… Dorothy Sayers points out that when you study Latin, you are doing advanced study in several subjects simultaneously.  Here are those other subjects studied in and through Latin:

  • Professions steeped in Latin vocabulary: law, medicine, science, music, art, philosophy, and theology
  • Romance Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian are all forms of Latin.
  • Educational Virtues: The study of Latin requires concentration, analysis, and puzzle-solving that develop a student as a student.  It also helps gifted students to slow down and attend!
  • English Vocabulary: 50% of all English words come from Latin; 90% of all polysyllabic words come from Latin.
  • English Grammar: The regular grammar of Latin is ideal for shedding light on the way all languages work—including English.
  • Writing/Reading: An increased vocabulary and understanding of grammar enable students to write and read with greater ease and clarity.
  • Pleasure: Deciphering the “secret code” of Latin and reading great authors in their own tongue, is a pleasure that can last a lifetime.

You can do this!

How do you teach Latin without having first studied it? Or increase your knowledge if you have?  We think you do it best by collaborating with other experienced Latin teachers.  Our Latin programs feature DVD instruction for all that you and your students need to learn!  What’s more, our Latin teachers are talented and passionate…and funny.  From top-to-bottom, we have designed each Latin program to be easy and enjoyable to use, so that you can focus on mastering this beautiful language.  Note the wide array of support to ensure a delightful journey: activity books, Latin history readers, full-color flash cards, vocabulary CDs, instructional DVDs, and an interactive student practice site, HeadventureLand.com, with vocab games, videos, and support.



Classical and Ecclesiastical Pronunciation

We offer the Latin for Children series featuring either the classical or ecclesiastical style of pronunciation. While the classical form of pronunciation is most prevalent, many also prefer the more “Italian” ecclesiastical style. Each of our books features a pronunciation key for both styles, and all of our audio and video media feature options for both styles.


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