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The word scholé (pronounced skoh-LAY) comes from a Greek word meaning “restful learning.” We believe excellence in academics need not be frenetic or dry and boring. Instead, our teachers foster deep engagement that results in enjoyable, incisive learning. 

We have worked hard to structure our courses so that the amount of work required is in accord with the allotted time while an atmosphere of contemplation, conversation, and reflection is also cultivated. Our instructors are masters of their disciplines and experienced teachers, many of whom have written the text from which they teach. They seek to wed truth to beauty in their teaching and to cultivate education in its fullest sense, ensuring that through Scholé Academy your student will receive excellent, classical instruction that leads to wisdom and mastery. Your student’s world will be enlarged, and you will be there to share it with them.



Live, Teacher-Led 
Online Courses


  • Courses in Latin, logic, writing, rhetoric & more!
  • Face-to-face live class sessions
  • Instruction by master teachers
  • Educational excellence paired with restfulness
  • Personal feedback and assessment
  • Limited class sizes



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Online Courses


  • Courses for the entire Latin for Children program
  • Automatic correcting and grading
  • Integrated video of Latin teacher (with Dr. Christopher Perrin)
  • Integrated audio of vocabulary chants and Latin maxims
  • Integrated activity and worksheets
  • Integrated review and assessment
  • Downloadable PDFs

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