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What is Classical Education?

Classical education is like a very large museum with many beautiful, wonder-filled rooms that could be studied over a lifetime. It is a long tradition of education that has emphasized the seeking after of truth, goodness, and beauty and the study of the liberal arts and the great books. What are the liberal arts? They are…

Rest and Joy: Our Approach to Language Learning at Home

~ by Julia Kraut ~ When we attended my friend Lindsey’s wedding a few years ago, I knew I had to corner her mom and talk to her about parenting. I know a lot of close, loving families, but Lindsey’s is more than close—they’re friends. As my own family grew, I often...

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The Audio Room: Dr. Christopher Perrin

  Welcome to The Audio Room Listen to the monthly installment of our bite-size Insights podcast, featuring special guests from the classical education community. ~ hosted by Joe Saufley ~ This episode we're talking about: Curriculum Guides and Planning ~ What a...

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Undistracted, Leisurely Attention

~ by Dr. John Skillen ~ If you read my previous post, "Saint Basil and His Bees in Orvieto," you may recall my descriptions of enjoying two weeks of undistracted leisurely attention—scholé—during our summer seminars in Orvieto, Italy. There, students and teachers...

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“Classical Academic Press is our favorite provider of curriculum for our homeschool. You are changing the homeschooling world, one family at a time, with your beautiful materials that delight a child’s heart and cultivate their soul.” —Julie E.

“My week is surrounded with your materials–Latin, logic and poetry. Five kids worth. Your materials are excellent. The pace is gentle and steady. The writing is attractive and clear. I trust your leadership and direction. Can’t imagine homeschool without you.” —Katrina D.

“I have loved every purchase I have made from your company. Thank you for your quality, make-a-difference materials!” —Cindy

“We absolutely LOVE your products. You are truly inspiring. We have been extremely impressed with your products and I have recommended them to many others that I know. The way that you integrate difficult material in fun, accessible ways is truly encouraging.” —Jennifer A.

“Thank you for consistently producing materials that overflow with goodness, truth, and beauty!” —Julie E.

“We just love you guys! You answer the phone, you return messages personally, you are willing to listen to all of my anxious rantings about choosing a path for my kids, you are so reassuring. Thank you for being such a personal, relational company. I feel like I could have each an every one of you over for dinner any time!” —Cale N

“Thank you. I am overwhelmed by your thorough and thoughtful responses. I have already been impressed by the materials that Classical Academic Press offers. Now I can also rave about the customer support you have given me. I’m so grateful.” —Mary Beth M.

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