About Us

Classical Academic Press (CAP) is a K–12 educational publishing, media, and consulting company for schools and homeschools. The company has developed and grown through 20 years of brainstorming, conversation, innovation, review, and revision. Our mission is to produce superlative curricula, media, and teacher training in order to advance the renewal of classical education around the world.

Our motto, “Classical Subjects Creatively Taught,” describes our goal to create curricula, media, and training with a clear design and structure and incremental and systematic instruction, all with a touch of delight, creativity, and flair.

Classical Academic Press was founded in 2001 by Dr. Christopher Perrin, along with three other teachers who were serving with him, while he was head of school at a classical school in Harrisburg, PA. Christopher is an author, consultant, and national speaker on classical education, and serves as the publisher and CEO of Classical Academic Press. He seeks to cultivate curiosity, wonder, and a lifelong love of learning in students and educators. He is also a passionate advocate for the recovery of scholé, a restful approach to teaching and learning that is part of the classical tradition of education.

The logo of Classical Academic Press features the image of an aqueduct, which in Roman civilization provided water to towns, villages, and cities throughout the empire. The aqueduct represents our company’s goals of bridging the old and the new, harmonizing the great ideas of the past with modern design and technology, and bringing the life-giving wisdom of the ancient world to the thirsty soul of our own modern culture.

In addition to curricula, Classical Academic Press has also developed services for consulting, online teacher training, online student education, classical homeschooling communities, and online student practice. We regard each of these core services as pearls that we have integrated into one beautiful necklace.

About our Pearls

In 2014, CAP launched Scholé Academy, a live, online academy that now serves approximately 400 students in grades 3–12. Scholé Academy offers live, online courses and tutoring that pair a classical curriculum with the pedagogy of restful learning (scholé). The classical educators of Scholé Academy seek to foster deep engagement with truth, goodness, and beauty and to cultivate learning that lasts.

In 2017, CAP rolled out ClassicalU.com, a self-paced online training site for classical educators throughout the English-speaking world. The idea for this service was prompted by the frequent requests for the consulting services of Dr. Perrin and our other consultants. Since the renewal of classical education is still relatively young, most classical educators are seeking a deeper understanding of classical education and a clear path for study and growth. ClassicalU seeks to provide that pathway by means of more than 25 courses across three levels of study. The site is aimed at both educators and leaders and features core and elective courses presented by the most experienced classical educators in the nation.

Scholé Groups are homeschooling communities that employ the content of a classical curriculum and a pedagogy of restful learning (scholé). In 2015, CAP finished beta testing the Scholé Groups model and in 2016 made it an open-source offering with no per-student fees. Almost 100 Scholé Groups are now operating around the country and overseas. While many Scholé Groups use CAP curricula, none are required to do so. Scholé Groups enjoy discounts for ClassicalU, mentoring and consulting support, and access to our Director’s Handbook and Start-Up Guide.

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