2018 Classical Academic Press Catalog

The 2018 full catalog is now available to view magazine-style below! 

There are many ways to receive a printed version of our 2018 catalog:

• You will be mailed a copy of the catalog in February if you have ordered from us directly in the past 36 months.
• A complimentary copy of the full 2018 catalog is included with every shipped order starting in February.
• Visit us at any of these 2018 conventions/conferences and pick one up.
• You may request to receive a printed copy below the digital viewer.


*The Public/Charter School Catalog shown in the second tab below includes only non-sectarian items. The 2018 version is currently in design and will be available to view in late February/early March. 

* The Scholé Academy Live Online Course Catalog shown in third tab below is viewable and shows the current 2017/18 classes. The new 2018/19 course catalog will be viewable in late February/early March. It will not be available to view before enrollment opens on February 15th, so visit ScholeAcademy.com the second week in February for the 2018/19 course offerings. Some classes do fill up quickly. 

Please fill out the form below if you would like to receive a print copy of the 2018 full or public/charter catalog.
Note: Because of postal costs we are unable to ship internationally, but please enjoy a digital version above.

Did you know? You can visit the product page for your book and click the Support tab beneath the photo to find a variety of free resources to supplement your school year! Dismiss

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