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Learning English by Traveling in Another Language

~ by Dr. Christopher Perrin ~ Those of you who have traveled to a foreign country know how this works: No matter where you travel, you will learn a good deal not only about life in those countries but also about life in your own. I remember traveling to Belize years...

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C.S. Lewis and Classical Christian Education III

~ by Louis Markos~ In my previous post, I discussed how Lewis, in his book Out of the Silent Planet, the first installment of his Space (also called the Ransom, or Cosmic) Trilogy, frees his protagonist, Ransom, from his modernist prejudices and invites him into a...

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Dickinson, Commonplacing, and a Bump on the Head

~ by Emily Price ~ Wintertime brings anticipation and joy, especially during the seasons of Advent and Epiphany. But it also brings earlier sunsets and lower temperatures, with the dark and cold encroaching persistently upon each day. As daylight wanes, I feel life’s...

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The Economics of Attention

~ by Joelle Hodge~ I’m not one who gets a daily dose of social media. (No Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchats for me!) I prize my time (and my privacy) and venture online with purposeful intentionality. That’s not to say I reject all forms of digital media. I’m a big...

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Switching from Henle to Latin Alive—a Letter

~ by Suzanne Lichtenstein~ This letter was forwarded to us by a co-op leader who received it from a former Classical Conversations tutor and homeschool mom. It is posted here with the permission of the author. Please note that Classical Conversations is...

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Language Learning and Justice

~ by Julia Kraut ~ As we guide our students to make sense of the world and find their places in it, we prepare them to be just—to be wise arbiters of what is good, not only for themselves, but also for their country, as wise citizens. Justice is a hot topic these...

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Education and Feeding the Soul

~ by Andrew Kern ~ A friend of mine posted on Facebook a picture of his high school–aged daughter and some of her friends who attended a private school together. He mentioned how different these girls were from the ones he knew in his public school experience, and it...

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C.S. Lewis and Classical Christian Education II

~ by Louis Markos~ I’ve never doubted that C. S. Lewis, were he alive today, would be a great fan and supporter of classical Christian education. In my last post, I substantiated my claim by surveying The Chronicles of Narnia; in this post, I will shift my focus from...

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Scholé for Classical Christian Educators

~ by Dr. Christopher Perrin ~ As human beings we have lost our ability to rest and therefore we have also lost our ability to rest in education. Anyone who has followed my writing and speaking over the last several years knows that I have been advocating a return in...

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The Dialectic Stage: HOW are Teens Thinking??

~ by Joelle Hodge ~ It’s the burning question every parent of a teenager wants an answer to: “What is my kid thinking?” There’s a quote by Winston Churchill that I feel applies here. Speaking in October 1939 (at the beginning of World War II), the prime minister said:...

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