The Student Lab Report Handbook, 2nd Edition

  • The Student Lab Report Handbook, 2nd Edition

The Student Lab Report Handbook, 2nd Edition


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  • Beginning in 9th grade, we recommend that science students produce a formal lab report for each experiment. These reports should be written from scratch on a computer with graphs and charts, not using pre-printed worksheets or with the graph bars already printed for them. Learning to operate programs like MS Word and Excel are vital skills for today's student. Also, learning how to communicate in a technical paper is a skill that is essential to scientific writing.

    The Student Lab Report Handbook is a concise student resource to help learn how to prepare a premier lab report. Syntax, voice, tense, word choice, technical expression, data analysis and error prediction are all discussed. This book is not specific to any discipline so it can be used with physics, biology, chemistry or any other subject.

    One chapter is devoted to instructions for creating graphs in MS Excel and Numbers, the Mac spreadsheet program.

    We even discuss the more advanced skill of showing error bars on spreadsheets.

    4 sample reports are also included in the back from various disciplines.

    If you need to order the charter school version of this text, please visit this page.

  • Paperback

    ISBN: 9780988322875

    Pages: 90

    Dimensions: 8.5in x 11in

  • John D. Mays, Author

    John D. Mays

    After receiving his BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, John D. Mays worked for 14 years as an electrical engineering and engineering manager in the areas of electrical, control, and telecommunications systems. Drawn toward the field of education, John acquired an MEd in Secondary Education from the University of Houston in 1989, and subsequently completed 36 hours of graduate study in Physics at Texas A&M. Shortly after joining the faculty at Regents School of Austin in 1999, John began work on an MLA at St. Edward's University, which he completed in 2003. John served as Math-Science Department Chair at Regents School for nine years and as Director of the Laser Optics Lab for 10 years. He founded Novare Science & Math in 2009 and is the author of numerous science texts and teacher resources. He now works full time as Director of Science Curriculum for Classical Academic Press.