Scholé Academy's restful, personal, and classical environment for K–12 students includes over 80 live, online courses in 25 subject fields, all taught by our team of 40 expert instructors. And we're still growing! Join our community in 2021-22 and Start Something Scholé.

Scholé Academy 2021-22

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Scholé Academy 2021-22 NEW and Expanded Courses

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Scholé Academy 2021-22 Leadership Team and Instructors

Joelle Hodge | Director

 Joelle Hodge is a veteran classical educator, the author of several award-winning logic texts, and a mentor and trainer of classical teachers. As Director, she oversees the leadership teams and future development of Scholé Academy and St. Raphael School.

Joanne Schinstock | Principal

Joanne Schinstock has been an educator since 2005, with a Master in Humanities from the University of Dallas. As principal, she supervises the promotion, development, and operations of Scholé Academy, building a community that supports students and parents striving for restful classical education.

Adam Lockridge | Assistant Principal

Adam Lockridge is a veteran classical educator, with a Master Degree in Philosophy from the University of Memphis. Adam serves as the St. Raphael School Principal, and the Scholé Academy Assistant Principal. As the Assistant Principal, he manages the SA Tutoring Center & Center for Students w/ Learning Differences and assists the Principal in the general management of the school.

Hear More from a Scholé Academy Family

Educated with Excellence: An Interview with Scholé Academy Parent Debby Anderson

Debby Anderson has 3 children and has been homeschooling for 15 years. The Andersons live in Delafield, Wisconsin, and have been a part of Scholé Academy (SA) since 2016, when Debby discovered our online learning community while looking for a summer course for her eldest daughter. A 4-year veteran SA parent, Debby recently shared some reflections on her time with our community and the story of her family’s decision to embark on an online learning journey—one that has helped them discover restful learning and an ability to reflect on the truth, beauty, and goodness found in what they are studying.