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Discover Classical Christian Education


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Designed as a full-color magazine, this 20-page booklet is a brief, engaging, and persuasive overview of the worldview and value of a classical Christian education. It clearly contrasts the goals and results of classical education with the current modern education system, provides an introduction to the stages of the trivium and a timeline of the recent growth of the movement, and discusses the importance of teaching the liberal arts and integrating all subjects with a biblical worldview.

What is the difference between Introduction to Classical Education and Discover Classical Christian Education?

Introduction to Classical Education

  1. Much substantial information
  2. A reading piece, incremental
  3. Recommended for a reader with deeper interest or previous exposure

Discover Classical Christian Education

  1. Graphical magazine layout
  2. Information presented in short “articles”
  3. Recommended for a fast, high-impact introduction to classical education

Width: 8.5in
Height: 11.0in
Pages: 20