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God’s Great Covenant Old Testament 2 Audio Files


With the God’s Great Covenant Old Testament 2 Audio Files, students can listen to and experience the story of God’s work through the second half of the Old Testament, and see how he leads and cares for his people. Learn about King David and the many other kings of Israel and Judah. Learn about the many prophets that God used to speak to his people. Learn about Daniel and the exile to Babylon, but also the return to Jerusalem. This audio file contains the readings featured in the God’s Great Covenant Old Testament 2 text, engagingly read by Dr. Christopher Perrin. The downloadable audio files are in MP3 format so you can take them anywhere you go.

This product is offered as a ZIP file containing several MP3 files. MP3 files can be used with most popular music players, such as iTunes. For help installing the files on iTunes, see this page.

The Bible tells us God’s story. It has many parts, but from beginning to end, it is one story with a promise throughout: “I will be your God, and you will be My people.” Through this story, we learn who God is, who mankind is, how the world came to be, and how God worked through history to bring redemption to His people. The God’s Great Covenant series will narrate this story for your student in an engaging and unique way.

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