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Latin Alive! Book 2 Teacher’s Edition



A yearlong course for grades 8 and up

Latin Alive! Book 2 continues the relevant, rigorous, and incremental Latin instruction begun in Latin Alive! Book 1. The Latin Alive! series features original Latin writings, giving students access to the works of great Latin authors. As the second text in a three-year series, Latin Alive! Book 2 is an entry point to advanced grammatical studies. Latin Alive! Book 2 Teacher’s Edition includes the entire content of the Latin Alive! Book 2 Student Edition, extensive explanations, an answer key, and translations, as well as teacher’s tips, additional student exercises, and unit tests.

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In Latin Alive! I believe Karen Moore and her distinguished co-author Gaylan DuBose have succeeded in the lofty goal of producing a truly outstanding beginning textbook to meet the needs of this new generation of Latin teachers and students. The text is engaging, with translation passages which present Roman history in a logical and sequential order. The explanation of grammar is strait-forward and easily understandable. The illustrations enhance the text and are not mere distractions. Roman culture is presented in context and reinforced in the stories. Teachers with a limited Latin background will rejoice in the generous Teacher’s Edition, which not only gives the right answers, but delves into deeper explanations and suggests routes of further research and investigation. Erin Davis-Valdez, M.A., Upper School Latin and Greek and Classics Department Chair, Hill Country Christian School of Austin

After using a college level textbook for 5 years to teach my middle-school homeschool classes, I am thrilled to have Latin Alive! Books 1 and 2 available. No longer will I HAVE to pull in extra resource material in order to give my students an appreciation of Roman life and history. It’s all right there! Latin Alive! is thorough, challenging, and pedagogically sound. Since I am a self-taught Latin teacher, it has even taught me a few grammar concepts that I had missed before! Omnia gloriae Dei! Linda, Facebook Fan

Last year I taught two classes of Latin Alive (Latin Alive 1 and 2). Most of my Latin Alive 1 students had completed at least one or two years of Latin for Children. I was so impressed with the Latin knowledge they came into my class with! We were able to move much more quickly. This year, when I began looking for new curriculum for my 5th and 6th grade Latin students, I immediately started looking into using Latin for Children. I would love to give my students the core Latin knowledge that I saw in my past students! Marley Evans, Middle School Latin Teacher

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Latin Alive! compared with Wheelock’s Latin Document (PDF)

Latin Alive! vs. Wheelock’s Latin Table (PDF)

Declension & Conjugation Worksheet (PDF)

Declension & Conjugation Key (PDF)

Roman Timeline Outline (PDF)

Latin Alive! blog Author Karen Moore blogs about bringing this classical language to life.

Latin Charts! Colorful and interactive Latin charts display the five noun declensions and the verb endings for present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect tenses. Each chart also lists the related Latin for Children and Latin Alive! chapters. Choose between colorful ready-to-go charts or cuttable interactive charts. The interactive charts are easy to color and, once cut, provide an excellent hands-on approach as students assemble and reassemble the charts. Download the charts here: Colorful Ready-To-Go Charts – Interactive Cuttable Charts

Latin Alive! Book 2 Errata (PDF)

Ask the Magister (teacher)

Gaylan DuBose M. A., Classics

Gaylan graduated with high honors from The University of North Texas in 1964, and is the co-author of the Latin Alive! series, published by Classical Academic Press. His major was English and his minors were Latin and history. He received a Master of Arts in Classics from the University of Minnesota, to which he had received a fellowship in 1970. He retired from teaching in May 2010 after 47 years in the classroom. During his career, he was chosen as teacher of the year twice at Travis High School and once at Westwood High School. Most recently, the American Classical League has honored Gaylan with the prestigious 2016 Meritus Award.

Since retiring he has continued to tutor individual students in Latin and Greek, and he works also with elementary school students, tutoring them in reading and mathematics. Gaylan has served on the National Latin Exam’s Committee for Scholarship. He also volunteers at the Austin Public Library and is the choir director, organist, and minister of music for his church. Gaylan teaches many of the Latin Alive! courses live-online for Scholé Academy.

Karen Moore

Karen Moore is the lead author for the Latin Alive! series. She began her study of Latin in seventh grade, and added Greek to her linguistic studies during her college years. Karen earned a B.A. in classics from the University of Texas and has her Texas Teacher Certification for Latin, History, and History Secondary Education. She has taught Latin to students in grades three through twelve (alongside Greek and Ancient Humanities) for over fifteen years. Currently, she serves as the Academic Dean and teaches advanced Latin at Grace Academy, a classical Christian school in Georgetown, Texas. Karen is the co-author of the Libellus de Historia History Readers for the Latin for Children series and has also published a Latin for Teachers DVD set based on her acclaimed Latin training camp for teachers.

Grade Level: Grades 8 and up
Course Length: Yearlong
Content Credit: 1 full high school credit
ISBN: 9781600510588
Width: 8.5in
Height: 11.0in
Pages: 494
Version: 1.2