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Latin for Children Primer B Activity Book!



Following the chapters of Latin for Children Primer B, in Latin for Children Primer B Activity Book! students explore a mad scientist’s lab, help little Billy find his way home, drill for oil, solve puzzles, aid the Three Musketeers, go pearl diving, fish for stars, hunt for submarine wolf packs, work on the chain gang, search for pirate treasure, and more—all while learning Latin! Includes the reproducible group and solitaire game RetroSpecto™ and a Whopper Crossword Poster (37.5 inches by 30 inches). Answers are included in the back of the book.

Designed, revised, and continually sharpened since 2001, the award-winning Latin for Children curriculum continues to be a strong, inviting, and creative program designed to introduce students as young as fourth graders to Latin. It incorporates elements that will engage students of every learning style. As a step beyond just an exposure to the language, when used as a whole, this series trains students in grammar, vocabulary, and English derivatives in a lively, interactive way that is perfectly suited to students in the grammar stage. The Latin for Children series is taught directly to the child and is a perfect choice for teachers and parents, including those who will be learning along with their students.

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Latin for Children Suggested Weekly Schedule (PDF)

Latin for Children Primer B Activity Book Errata (PDF) for version 2.2

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Grade Level: Grades 5-7
Use: Consumable product
Course Length: 
Yearlong (to be used alongside Latin for Children Primer B)
Width: 8.5in
Height: 11.0in
Pages: 216