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Our Song School Greek CD is included in every Song School Greek Student Edition and also is for sale on its own! Whether or not you have time to include Greek in your curriculum, you can still make these lively songs part of your day as you travel or in your home. Give your kids Greek exposure even before they study it, or take this opportunity to share the music you have enjoyed with friends.

Song School Greek Program is a lively and gentle introduction to Koine Greek—the language of the New Testament. One of the mother tongues of the English language, Greek is also a perfectly orderly language, ideal to help us understand the structure of any language and learn how a language works. This program is an excellent prequel to our grammar-based, upper-elementary Greek for Children series.

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“My 1st grader was so enthusiastic about Song School Latin that, when she saw Song School Greek, she demanded to learn it, too!” —Donna, homeschool mom

“We have used Latin for Children for 3 years and are now also trying Song School Greek. Love the idea of making Latin and Greek fun for kids. Thank you so much!” —Shari, homeschool mom

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