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Latin for Teachers Course Notebook

  • Latin for Teachers Course Notebook
  • Latin for Teachers Course Notebook
  • Latin for Teachers Course Notebook

Latin for Teachers Course Notebook


  • Note: The Latin for Teachers Course Notebook is temporarily out of stock. It will be available again for purchase this summer.

    This 110-page course notebook, packaged in a 3-ring binder, is a companion to the Latin for Teachers DVD Course. The pages in this notebook are copyrighted and each participant in the Latin for Teachers training course, with the exception of spouses, needs his or her own course notebook.

  • Published Reviews

    Seminar Attendee Testimonials

    "This is the gold standard of method training for teaching elementary through junior high Latin. Thank you very much!" —Janine Rees, Valley Christian Preparatory, Arizona

    "I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to implement the Latin language into their school curriculum. This conference gave me the confidence and basic knowledge to cast a vision for Latin in my institution even though I do not have a background in Latin." —Jason Wood, Principal, Trinity Christian School, Hawaii

    "I loved your enthusiasm and obvious love for Latin, and enjoyed your digressions—wonderful tidbits to keep students engaged. You make this 'dead' language come alive." —Charla Adams, Alpha Omega Academy, Texas

    "As a homeschool mom with no Latin background, the Latin for Teachers seminar has been invaluable to me. Karen’s knowledge of the subject and her ability to communicate in a fun, lively way has given me the tools I needed to see the big picture as well as a road map to teaching Latin." —Jennifer Thornton, homeschool mom

    "Karen is witty, energetic, and lighthearted. She has taken a subject that could be dry, dull, and daunting (if placed in the wrong hands) and made it exciting, lively, and as user-friendly as possible." —Amie A., homeschool mom

    "Karen Moore is a great speaker, fun to listen to, and highly knowledgeable. I am [coming] away from this seminar feeling confidently equipped to begin using this [Latin for Children] curriculum. I was also inspired to stretch myself and go beyond what I am going to be teaching." —Debbie Redinger, Olive Branch Christian Academy, California

    "Karen—You are such a gifted teacher and it’s been a pleasure to sit under you. What excellent teaching tips and ideas you have. I arrived knowing absolutely nothing about Latin and am leaving with such a better overall understanding of how Latin is taught and learned." —Karen, Trinity Christian School, Hawaii

    "How do you say 'You Rock!' in Latin? Thank you for such valuable information and for helping to equip me as a (homeschool) Latin teacher. This seminar was valuable in many ways, but mostly in that I now feel confident to learn and teach Latin. Thank you!!" —Anonymous attendee

    "The instructor’s enthusiasm for her subject came shining through in all parts of the presentation. It was contagious, and I returned home with a renewed commitment and zeal to teach with excellence." —Anonymous attendee

  • Karen Moore

    Karen Moore began her study of Latin in 7th grade and added Greek to her linguistic studies during her college years. She holds a BA in classics from the University of Texas. She earned her Texas teacher certification for Latin, history, and secondary education, and has also been awarded master teacher certification from the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). Karen has more than 15 years of experience teaching Latin along with Greek and ancient humanities. She is the author of multiple Latin textbooks, including the Latin for Children History Readers A–C and the Latin for Teachers course, and coauthor of the Latin Alive! series, all published by Classical Academic Press. Karen has worked at Grace Academy in Georgetown, Texas, since 2002, where she has served a variety of roles, including upper-school lead teacher, head of the Latin department, and director of curriculum and instruction. As a teacher, she has a unique ability to instill an enthusiasm for classical literature and languages in students of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, she has served numerous other schools through her consulting, teacher-training seminars, and speaking engagements at educational conferences.

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