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Primary Mathematics Teacher's Guide 3B

  • Primary Mathematics Teacher's Guide 3B

Primary Mathematics Teacher's Guide 3B

  • The Primary Math Teacher's Guide 3B is temporarily on backorder until mid-August. Copies that are ordered will be shipped as soon as they are available.

    Primary Mathematics U.S. and 3rd Edition Teacher's Guides provide, in both flexibility and detail, a clear framework for the Primary Mathematics textbooks. Each lesson is accompanied by numerous activities which expand and reinforce the concepts for that lesson and which are designed to fit both teachers who wish to adapt lessons to their own classroom situation, and teachers who desire easy-to-follow, effective teaching strategies. Through the notes to the teacher and the detailed objectives for each learning task in the text and activity in the guide, these Teacher's Guides help teachers to fully understand the purpose and concept behind each set of problems, both within the context of the unit and the context of the overall curriculum.

    This new edition is a revision and reformatting of the previous edition. Each lesson contains clear objectives, background notes, and a suggested lesson plan in an easy-to-follow format. Some lessons include optional reinforcement and enrichment activities, when appropriate. Answers, as well as worked-out solutions for many problems, are provided for both the textbook and workbook.

    This Teacher's Guide version cannot be used with Primary Mathematics Standards Edition books.

    Students who switch to Primary Mathematics from another curriculum may not have the necessary background to begin at the level corresponding with their grade level without review from earlier levels. We suggest that you use these placement tests to decide where to place students new to Primary Mathematics, or to get an idea of which concepts may have to be reviewed from an earlier level.

  • ISBN: 9781932906295


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