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Song School Latin Book 2 w/ CD (Student Edition)


A yearlong course for grades 2-3

Continuing on a path that matches the energy, developmental level, and fun-loving nature of younger students, Song School Latin Book 2 (Student Edition) completes the engaging introduction to Latin started in Song School Latin Book 1. Weekly lessons include songs, chants, new and review vocabulary, a light introduction to Latin grammar, and derivatives, all without leaving behind fun illustrations, stories, games, and activities. Song School Latin Book 2 will more than prepare students for their journey on to Latin for Children Primer A. They will surely continue their love of learning Latin with Song School Latin Book 2! Song School Latin Book 2, with 30 corresponding songs and chants on the included CD, is an interactive workbook text with fun activities; 32 weekly lessons, including 7 review chapters; and 175 everyday vocabulary words, including 75 words and grammar topics from Latin for Children Primer A.

Q: Can I purchase a second student edition without the CD for my other students/children?
A: Unfortunately, no. Because we print such large quantities of the student edition with the CD included, we would actually have to charge more for a version without a CD if we did a small print run.

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Song School Latin Book 2 Suggested Schedule

“Joy to the World” in Latin—Classical pronunciation (YouTube video)

“Joy to the World” in Latin—Ecclesiastical pronunciation (YouTube video)

Song School Latin Book 2 classical pronunciation audio: one file (MP3); chapter by chapter: new vocabreview vocab (MP3)

Song School Latin Book 2 ecclesiastical pronunciation audio: one file (MP3); chapter by chapter: new vocab; review vocab (MP3)

Song School Latin Coloring Pages Color a picture for each Latin word in Song School Latin Book 2. Also a great activity for younger siblings! Pages for each chapter are available in the Song School Latin 2 zone on Headventure Land.

Song School Latin Book 2 Errata (PDF)

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Grade Level: Grades 2-3
Use: Consumable product
Course Length: Yearlong
ISBN: 9781600510809
Width: 11.0in
Height: 8.5in
Pages: 300
Version: 1.0