The Classical Academic Press team of consultants specializes in helping classical schools, homeschools, and organizations successfully implement a vibrant classical education characterized by restful learning, or scholé. Starting a classical school is hard; growing it takes sustained work—and most of us have never started a school, nor even received a classical education ourselves. Giving a classical education to any student—either in a school or homeschool setting—is challenging to anyone new to the classical tradition of education. What should you do first? What should your priorities be? What are the principles of teaching in the classical tradition? How do we ensure that students delight in their studies? How do we train new teachers? The list could continue.

Our team of consultants have been where you are, and they have gradually learned (often the hard way) how to address these questions wisely. Read the biographies of our consultants, then choose one who you feel is well suited to help you at your present point of need. Our consultants will be glad to give you twenty minutes of time (free of charge) to hear your concerns and explore with you how we might be of help. Also note our online training resources available on ClassicalU for teachers, parents and school leaders, and contact us for help in implementing these tools within your school or homeschool.

Our Consultants

Dr. Christopher Perrin

Author, Consultant, CEO/PublisherExpertise: Consulting, Training, Development, and Speaking Engagements on All Aspects of Classical Pedagogy—for Boards, Administrators, Teachers, and Educators in Private and Public/Charter Schools, University Model Schools, Homeschool Co-ops, and Conventions

Joelle Hodge

PresidentExpertise: For Parents: Planning Your Academic Year; For Teachers and All Classical Educators: Logic Consulting, Rhetoric Consulting, Planning Classical Pedagogy

Dr. David Diener

Author, Consultant, Head of SchoolExpertise: Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Classical Education; All Aspects of Classical Pedagogy in Private and Public/Charter Schools, University Model Schools, and Homeschool Co-ops; Faculty Training and Development; Curriculum; Academic Policies; Administrative Structuring; and Administrative Coaching

Jason Ulbrich

Charter School ConsultantExpertise: Strategic Planning, Vision and Mission Setting, Board and School Leader Relationships, Teacher Evaluation and Observation Program, Aligning Teacher Professional Development with Teacher Evaluation, Organizational Leadership, Assessments in Classical Education, Developing Benchmarks of Success

Jesse Hake

VP of Product Development, ClassicalUExpertise: Teaching Practices, Faculty Culture, Professional Development Planning, Historical Origins of Secular Modernity, History of Classical Education Renewal in America, Essentials of Classical Pedagogy, Re-enchantment with Moral Imagination, Teaching History, Literature, and Middle to High School Theology

Christine Perrin, MFA

Author, Consultant, ProfessorExpertise: Literature, Writing & Rhetoric, Poetry Consulting, and Speaking Engagements—for Administrators, Teachers, and Classical Educators and Students in Charter Schools, Private Schools, University Model Schools, Homeschool Co-ops, and Conventions