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Feature Story

The Post-COVID Classical Education Boom
by Dr. Christopher Perrin and Dr. Anika Prather
featured in National Review (Sept. 2021)

Above the Veil
by John Baskin and Dr. Anika Prather
featured in The Point (Sept. 2021)

The Rise of Bible-Teaching, Plato-Loving, Homeschool Elitists
by Louis Markos
featured in Christianity Today (Aug. 2019)

Howard University's Removal of Classics Is a Spiritual Catastrophe
by Cornel West and Jeremy Tate
featured in The Washington Post (April 2021)

Classical Schools Cut Through the Culture Wars
by Brandon McCoy
featured in Newsweek (Sept. 2021)

The Writing on the Whiteboard
Marvin Olasky with Gene Edward Veith
featured in WORLD (Aug. 2021)

In Defense of a Classical Education
by Jeremy Tate
featured in America Magazine (Sept. 2021)

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