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2024 Webinar Recordings

2023 Webinar Recordings

Previous Webinar:
with Jason Barney

Previous Webinar:
with Joelle Hodge

Previous Webinar:
with Joanne Schinstock

Previous Webinar:
with John Mays

Previous Webinar:
with Fr. Nathan Carr

Previous Webinar:
with Tammy Peters

Previous Webinar:
with Karen Moore

2022 Webinar Recordings

Truth vs. Validity, Falsity vs. Fallacy: Information Is Argument
with Jolie Hodge

Why Our Ignorance of History Is Making a Fool of Us All - And What to Do About It
with Dr. Christopher Perrin

Freedom in the Form: Teaching Two Kinds of Writers
with Alicia VanDerhoof

Aquinas House of Studies Classroom Experience: Catholic Spiritual Classics
with Monika Minehart

How Classics Unify
with Dr. Anika Prather

Discipleship and Science Education
with John Mays

2021 Webinar Recordings

What Are Labs For?
with John Mays

Logic: The "Queen of the Sciences"
with Joelle Hodge

Get to Know The Curious Historian
with Dr. Christopher Perrin and Brittany Stoner

5 Reasons to Teach Writers the Progym
with Joanne Schinstock

Making School Beautiful
with author Dr. John Skillen

The Blessings and Benefits of Studying Latin
with Dr. Christopher Perrin

The 5 "Musts" of Teaching Grammar
with Well-Ordered Language author Tammy Peters

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