Charlotte Mason: A Liberal Education for All

  • Charlotte Mason: A Liberal Education for All

Charlotte Mason: A Liberal Education for All


  • A devoted Christian and avid proponent of liberal education, Charlotte Mason developed a philosophy that became an international movement of parents and schools to reform education. This philosophy forged a synthesis between new and old educational approaches during a time of great educational upheaval and the birth of the progressive movement.

    Through her biography and writings, Mason is shown to be a modern educational reformer uniquely in touch with the heart of the Christian liberal education tradition. Though at war with the modern scientism and utilitarianism of her day, Mason nevertheless embraced elements from the emerging fields of physiology and psychology as she advocated for a Christian liberal educational model that respected children as persons and embraced the riches of all knowledge for all children.

    In this book, author Jason Barney situates Charlotte Mason’s educational thought and practices within the context of her life and influences. He then explores Mason’s philosophy of education under the main principles that she espoused in her writings: children are born persons; education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life; and education is the science of relations. Readers will see that, in dialogue with the past as well as the present, Charlotte Mason stands as one of the giants in the history of education.

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    ISBN: 9781600514876

    Pages: 83

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  • Jason Barney, Author

    Jason M. Barney holds a BA in Ancient Languages and English as well as an MA in Biblical Exegesis from Wheaton College, where he also received The Tenney Award in New Testament Studies. He is the principal of Coram Deo Academy in Carmel, Indiana. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Barney has taught students in 3rd through 12th grade in courses ranging from Latin and humanities to math and science and senior thesis. He blogs and podcasts regularly for to promote a rebirth of ancient wisdom for the modern era.