Dr. David Diener’s dynamic talks combine intellectual substance with accessibility and practical applicability. The academic rigor of his training and research, along with with the practical insights he has acquired over more than a decade of work in the classroom and in administration, makes his consultations valuable assets for faculty training, parent and community engagement, and school leadership development.

Dr. Diener holds a BA in philosophy and ancient languages from Wheaton College, as well as an MA in philosophy, MS in history and philosophy of education, and dual PhD in philosophy and philosophy of education from Indiana University. He has published articles on Plato, Kierkegaard, and various aspects of education, and is the author of Plato: The Great Philosopher-Educator (Classical Academic Press, 2015).

He has worked in education for more than fifteen years, both as a teacher and professor and also as an administrator. His numerous speaking engagements have taken him throughout the United States, as well as to South America and Europe. He also has taught a wide spectrum of graduate, undergraduate, and upper-school courses in a variety of locations, including Bogotá, Colombia; Bloomington, Indiana; Stony Brook, New York; Fort Worth, Texas; and Hillsdale, Michigan.

Dr. Diener currently works at Hillsdale College, where he is an assistant professor of education. He and his wife have four children and are passionate about classical Christian education and the impact it can have on the church, our society, and the world.

Consulting and Speaking Topics

Noted Topics of Consulting Expertise

  • The philosophical foundations of classical Christian education
  • The history of classical education and the liberal arts tradition
  • The history and philosophy of American education
  • K–12 faculty training/development
  • K–12 faculty observations/evaluations
  • Classical Christian pedagogy
  • School mission and vision casting
  • Upper-school curriculum
  • Senior thesis seminar
  • Developing a thriving upper-school faculty culture
  • Developing a thriving student culture
  • Academic scope and sequence with vertical alignment
  • Grading policies and transcripts
  • Administrative structuring
  • Strategic support for heads of school
  • Custom topics available upon request

Seminar Topics

  • “The Theoretical Foundations of Classical Christian Education”
  • “Plato: Understanding the Foundations of the Classical Education Tradition”
  • “The Enterprise of Learning as Wonder toward Wisdom”
  • “Teachers as Intellectuals, Not Technicians”
  • “The Centrality of Virtue in the Ancient Understanding of Education”
  • “The Formative Power of Educational Metaphors”
  • “Teachers as Learners: The Importance of Ongoing Faculty Education”
  • “Upper School Electives: Navigating between Scylla and Charybdis”
  • “The Cultivation of Virtue and the Telos of Education” (Part 1)
  • “Practical Considerations for Cultivating Virtue in the Classroom and School” (Part 2)
  • “Informal (and Formal) Logic for Every Teacher” (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
  • “Cultivating Spirituality and the Challenge of Digital Screen Technology”
  • Custom seminars available upon request


In addition to customized consulting and speaking services, Dr. Diener also provides semester-long or year-long coaching for administrators, including but not limited to heads of school, academic deans, heads of upper school, and deans of students. This ongoing mentoring service can be customized based on the administrator’s or school’s needs, but typically involves an initial meeting on campus with the administrator and a direct supervisor, followed by weekly or biweekly phone conversations with the administrator. Through this ongoing relationship, Dr. Diener assists administrators in setting priorities and goals, working through current issues or struggles, increasing self-awareness of their professional strengths and weaknesses, and developing an ongoing strategy for professional development. At the end of the semester or year, the administrator and a direct supervisor will receive a summary report outlining the progress made and offering suggestions for further growth.


On-Site Pricing Information:
Half day (4 hours): $845 + travel
One full day (8–10 hours): $1,390 + travel
Two full days: $2,495 + travel
Long-term consulting packages negotiated.

Online Meeting Pricing:
90-minute sessions: $345

Contact Information:
Classical Academic Press
Phone: 866-730-0711
E-mail: consulting (at) classicalsubjects.com

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