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“I dwell in Possibility— A fairer House than Prose—” While we think of poetry as the best words in the best order, we sometimes forget how important its poetic or metaphoric thinking is to various subjects such as writing, speaking, business, and science. The Art of Poetry is an excellent middle or high school curriculum that teaches the practice of reading a poem closely and absorbing its beauty. Full program includes:

  • The Art of Poetry (student edition) This book contains 16 chapters and over 100 poems. The first eight chapters cover the elements of poetry (such as images, metaphor, rhythm, and tone); the final chapters cover the forms of poetry (such as ode, villanelle, and open verse). Each chapter includes an extensive explication of one poem, along with exercises and discussion questions on additional poems. Biographies of fifty-one poets are included along with a glossary of terms and an index of all the poems and authors. Also available are several suggested teaching schedule options and an application section with ideas on how to continue a study of poetry.
  • The Art of Poetry Teacher’s Edition This edition is a valuable resource for teachers that includes the entire The Art of Poetry student edition content, an answer key, as well as detailed and fascinating explications of thirty-nine poems. The introduction for the teacher offers teaching tips and suggestions. Thorough appendices include a poetry time line, quizzes for each chapter, and a cumulative book quiz.
  • The Art of Poetry DVD Set This DVD set features more than fifteen hours of The Art of Poetry author teaching four thoughtful eighth-grade students through the entire The Art of Poetry text. Many of the discussions, which proceed chapter by chapter, capture the “magic” of a Socratic teacher encountering strong students and timeless works of literature. Whether your student is interested in writing, wants to understand the way poems are made, or simply wants to become more attuned to language and metaphor, this is an ideal resource—a course in a box for middle or high school students. The author demonstrates in real-time the end-of-chapter activities, which are intended to teach students the practice of poem writing.

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ISBN: 9781600511295

  • The Art of Poetry (Student Edition)
  • The Art of Poetry Teacher’s Edition
  • The Art of Poetry DVD Set

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