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The Lost Tools of Learning Audio Book



In 1947, British scholar, playwright, and novelist Dorothy Sayers stood in an Oxford hall and delivered a speech that would become a catalyst of the current classical education movement.

The Lost Tools of Learning” is a flagship address presenting the tools that were given to students in the Middle Ages via the trivium, the study of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. For perhaps the first time, these trivium subjects were applied by Sayers to student’s developmental stages. She also advocated the integration of subjects and explained that training students to learn on their own is the chief goal of education.

This essay, which has influenced subsequent classical educators, is now available as an audio recording. Read by native Briton Victoria Twigg and introduced by Dr. Christopher Perrin, this rendition will give you the feel of being in the hall hearing Ms. Sayers herself.

This item is priced as a promotional piece for classical schools to use as:

  • a handout to prospective parents
  • the education of new staff and teachers
  • board member orientation
  • open houses
  • an addition to a school information packet
  • staff rejuvenation and inspiration

British scholar, playwright, and novelist Dorothy Sayers was a close associate of the Inklings, a group of writers that included J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Like them, she graduated from Oxford, but had the distinction of being one of the first women to do so. Many letters (now published) passed between Sayers and Lewis, who was so taken with this twelve-play collection that he read it each year in preparation for Lent. Sayers’s work also included translating Dante and writing smart, popular mystery novels as well as incisive essays, such as “The Lost Tools of Learning,” which have launched an educational movement in the United States.

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