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Spanish for Children Primer B Program



A yearlong course for grades 4 and up 

There is a distinction between just learning common words and phrases—the approach of many Spanish programs—and knowing the language well enough to communicate correctly, fluently, and accurately. The Spanish for Children Primer B Program is the second in the series and emphasizes grammar and the parts of speech as vital tools for correctly speaking and understanding Spanish. This program also includes expanded dialogues, stories, songs, and chants.

Full program includes:

  • Spanish for Children Primer B (student edition) This book contains 32 weekly chapters, including 6 review chapters and an end-of-book review. Students will learn 290 commonly used Spanish vocabulary words in addition to weekly review of vocabulary from Spanish for Children Primer A. All teaching and explanations in this student edition are written at the student’s reading level and emphasize a continued mastery of grammatical concepts. Dialogues, stories, and a puzzle about searching for a Mayan treasure keep the workbook format of this book lively and entertaining.
  • Spanish for Children Primer B Answer Key This teacher’s tool contains copies of the actual worksheets and quizzes from Spanish for Children Primer B, with answers filled in with a large, bold font.
  • Spanish for Children Primer B Streaming Video (or 4-DVD & 2-CD Set) In the Spanish for Children Primer B video, the delightful instruction by author Julia Kraut continues. Students will hear pronunciation, learn chants, and enjoy Julia’s clear teaching and explanation of Spanish grammar. The streaming option provides the convenience of instant access, as well as desktop, smart TV, and mobile viewing capabilities. Streaming access lasts for the life of the product.

Headventure Land

 What is Headventure Land?

HeadventureLand.com is the place to go for students to practice and put their Spanish to use. Students will play games, read stories, and watch videos, all tied to the vocabulary and grammar of Spanish for Children Primer B! Teachers will enjoy HeadventureLand.com as much as students, finding extra resources to use in class.

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Spanish for Children Primer B Audio Pronunciation Files (zipped MP3s)

Spanish for Children Primer B Flash Cards (PDF) These flash cards are keyed to the vocabulary in Spanish for Children Primer B. Decks are split into two different decks (Spanish and English) so that you can print them separately or on the backs of each other (single sided or double sided). Spanish Flash Cards – English Flash Cards

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Grade Level: Grades 4 and up
Course Length: Yearlong
ISBN: 9781600511912

  • Spanish for Children Primer B (Student Edition)
  • Spanish for Children Primer B Answer Key
  • Spanish for Children Primer B Video (streaming or DVD/CD Set)