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The Art of Argument



“My chief objection to a quarrel,” G.K. Chesterton wrote, “is that it ends a good argument.”

Middle and high school students will argue (and sometimes quarrel), but they won’t argue well without good training. The Art of Argument is designed to teach the argumentative adolescent how to reason with clarity, relevance, and purpose. The mastery of informal logic (the logical fallacies) is a foundational subject by which other subjects are evaluated, assessed, and learned. The Art of Argument can be used as a semester or yearlong course. See our website for schedule recommendations.


The Art of Argument teaches twenty-eight informal fallacies (such as begging the question, the straw man, ad hominem, etc.). Clear explanations and illustrations, along with dialogues, worksheets, and dialectic discussion questions, make this text easy to follow and make the fallacies fun to learn. The fallacies become relevant with practical applications through an analysis of current social, commercial, and political issues, as well as over sixty comical and clever phony advertisements. Fun extras are included, such as a humorous skit for students to perform and the famous short story “Love Is a Fallacy” by Max Shulman.Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards

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