Christmas Cards

  • Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards


  • Prepare your heart for the holiday season with our stunning Christmas-themed stationery cards!

    • The first design features an exquisite illustration of traditional church steeples. The starry, nighttime sky behind them adds a sense of wonder, emphasizing the peace that is present during the holiday season. 
    • The second design shows an outline of the Holy Family—Mary, Joseph, and the infant Christ. This classic depiction captures the essence of the Nativity and the love and hope it represents. Above the scene, you'll find a Latin phrase meaning “born into hearts,” which adds a touch of timeless elegance to the design.
    • Key Features:
      • Artistic Excellence: Our stationery cards feature beautiful artistry from Kreg Yingst.
      • Blank Inside: Leave your personal mark on each card, using the ample space inside to pen heartfelt messages for the holiday season.
      • Each card, made with premium quality paper, measures 5" x 7"
      • 16 total cards (2 designs with 8 copies each) and 16 envelopes
  • SKU: 643781338230

    Dimensions: 5in x 7in