Aristotle: Education for Virtue and Leisure

  • Aristotle: Education for Virtue and Leisure

Aristotle: Education for Virtue and Leisure


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  • Our latest book in the Giants in the History of Education series

    The Greek philosopher Aristotle is a towering figure in the history of philosophy and the study of ethics. His contributions to educational thought have played a central role in the tradition of classical education across the centuries, especially for teachers who look to the liberal arts tradition for guidance.

    In this book, Dr. Gary Hartenburg provides an introduction to Aristotle’s educational philosophy and influence, including an overview of important topics addressed by Aristotle that continue to guide educational thought and practice today. Hartenburg begins with a summary of Aristotle’s life and works, as well as a background of Greek culture and educational practices. The author then outlines Aristotle’s views on the nature and purpose of human beings, focusing on Aristotle’s understanding of virtue, happiness, leisure, and friendship. Aristotle’s views on these topics have important educational implications, and Hartenburg proceeds to explain numerous aspects of Aristotelian curriculum and pedagogy that follow from those views. The book concludes with an overview of Aristotle’s educational influence throughout history as well as some key ways in which Aristotelian thought is still relevant to teachers and students today.

  • Paperback

    ISBN: 9781600514418

    Pages: 160

    Dimensions: 5.5in x 8.5in

  • Gary Hartenburg PhD, Author

    Gary Hartenburg PhD
    Gary Hartenburg holds a BA in Bible and theology from Moody Bible Institute, an MAin philosophy of religion and ethics from Biola University, and a PhD in philosophy fromthe University of California–Irvine. He is an associate professor of philosophy at HoustonBaptist University, where he also serves as the director of the HBU Honors College, a liberal arts program for undergraduates to read, discuss, and write about great works ofWestern civilization. He resides with his family in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.