Humanitas: American Republic Program

  • Humanitas: American Republic Program

Humanitas: American Republic Program


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  • Unlike most contemporary approaches to history, which reflect the fashions and biases of the fleeting present, Humanitas offers students something more substantial. Following C.S. Lewis’ stout defense of reading primary sources in “On the Reading of Old Books,” Humanitas will help “persuade the young that firsthand knowledge is not only more worth acquiring than secondhand knowledge, but it is usually much easier and more delightful to acquire.” Geared towards history, humanities, and humane letters courses, the Humanitas series offers a continuous, unfolding narrative of Western Civilization through a collection of carefully curated primary source documents.

    Please note: some or all texts in this program are currently available for pre-order only.

    Full program includes:

    Humanitas: American Republic

    Humanitas: The American Republic brings students through a series of primary documents that trace the growth and evolution of the American experiment. In addition to exploring the creation of a new government and culture, students will encounter texts from early American literature, religious movements, and the path toward emancipation. The fascinating narrative covers the onset of the Civil War and moves through the societal reckonings of the reconstruction era.

    Humanitas: American Republic Teacher PDF

    The Humanitas: American Republic Teacher's Guide PDF supplies teachers with lesson objectives, contextual information about the source documents, and relevant points of discussion. It includes “Look Ahead” and “Look Back” notes that explain how various source documents relate to each other, as well as the discussion and writing prompts that appear in the student edition.