Earth Science: God's World, Our Home Program

  • Earth Science: God's World, Our Home Program

Earth Science: God's World, Our Home Program


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  • Earth Science: God's World, Our Home is designed to draw middle-school students into close engagement with the subject matter and provide a solid education while fostering a sense of wonder and responsibility for God’s amazing world. Within the context of the fascinating study of landforms, minerals, and planetary phenomena, many other timely and important topics are covered including conservation of natural resources, climate change, pollution, and environmental justice, as well as the current scientific consensus concerning geologic history.

    Earth Science should be about much more than learning about rocks and mountains and the seasons. Think about God’s exciting mandate to steward and exhibit vice regency over creation! Author Kevin Nelstead regularly draws the reader to appreciate the intricacy and excellence of God’s works.

    Full program includes:

    • Earth Science: God's World, Our Home, 2nd edition. Written for middle school-aged students, this book includes all the popular characteristics of Novare textbooks: smaller profile; vibrant, original, and relevant graphics; lucid conversational prose, and an approach that connects students with real-world science as stewards of God’s creation.
    • Digital Resources for Earth Science These documents to help the teacher conduct class include quizzes, semester exams, answer keys, instructions for 8 experiments, weekly review guides, and more.

    Optional Resource Available for Purchase
    You may wish to purchase the following optional resource to further supplement this course:

    The Earth Science Program now includes the revised second edition text.

  • Earth Science: God's World Our Home Materials List for Lab Experiments (PDF)

    Earth Science: God's World, Our Home Errata (PDF)


    Kevin received a B.S. in Earth Science from Montana State University and an M.S. in Geology from Washington State University. He also studied for a year at Covenant Theological Seminary and holds a teaching certificate from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. His Master's research involved the study of Quaternary (ice age) volcanic ash deposits in the Channeled Scablands and Palouse Hills area of eastern Washington. He holds membership in the Geological Society of America, the American Scientific Affiliation, and the Affiliation of Christian Geologists and has 8 years of experience as an educator at classical-model, Catholic, and international schools. He and his wife served for over five years as a missionary in Romania with ReachGlobal, a mission agency of the EFCA. During those years he taught chemistry, physics, earth science and life science at Bucharest Christian Academy. Since 1998 he has served as a Senior Cartographer, Geospatial Analyst, and Natural Resources Specialist with the United States federal government. Kevin is the author of Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home and writes the blog He has four adult children and lives with his wife in Montana. 

  • ISBN: 9780986352911
    Grade Level: Grades 6-8
    Course Length: Yearlong

    • Earth Science: God's World, Our Home
    • Digital Resources for Earth Science