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Tin Bot: Spanish Language Reader

  • Tin Bot: Spanish Language Reader
  • Tin Bot: Spanish Language Reader
  • Tin Bot: Spanish Language Reader

Tin Bot: Spanish Language Reader


  • Presented primarily in English, Tin Bot intermixes common Spanish words into each sentence. Students will help solve the mysterious case of the dognapped canine in this fun story about a bilingual robot private eye. This reader provides vocabulary exposure for the beginner student and practice for the Spanish learner. The "spliced" format allows Spanish vocabulary to be tucked within the English-language story, using the correct conjugation or form of the word to fit into the English. This 64-page reader is tied with the vocabulary from Spanish for Children Primer A. Spanish doesn’t have to be dry and boring, and it will certainly come alive in Tin Bot!

    Hard-Boiled, Hard-Drive Detective
    Episode One: Dognapped!

    Tin Bot is the best private ojo (eye) in the city, though a bit hard up for some dinero (money). Helping out a lady in distress, he discovers an underworld of kidnapping, ransom notes, and criminal sardine cans. If only that were the least of his problems!

    What really gets on his nerves? Los perros (Dogs)!

    Especially an ugly dog named Cooper . . . who was just dognapped!

    The Spanish for Children Primer A Program teaches upper-elementary students this dynamic language using the pedagogy and structure of our popular Latin for Children series combined with immersion-style dialogues and vocabulary. The Spanish for Children series emphasizes grammar and the parts of speech as vital tools for the correct speaking and understanding of Spanish. The texts also use lively chants to aid memorization of both grammar and vocabulary.


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    "We LOVE Spanish for Children! Classical Academic Press has provided us with quality curriculum! I have been looking for an elementary-level Spanish that does not dumb down the language and assume the kids can only learn colors and numbers. As a Spanish teacher, the number one problem I have found is that high school students do not know first, second, and third person. Spanish for Children introduces this in the very first lesson along with verb conjugation. Thank you for realizing just what children are capable of learning! This is perfect!” —Cynthia, homeschool mom

    “What a super resource—muchas gracias, qué bueno!” —Christina, homeschool mom

  • Grade Level: For grade 3 and up
    Width: 5.5in
    Height: 8.5in
    Pages: 64
    Version: 1.0