Classroom Ideas

You may love learning from us, but did you know that we love learning from you, too? We value your input and appreciate your efforts to communicate with us. When you share that a certain curriculum has made a difference for your family, or that you have successfully employed a new teaching method, we cheer right along with you!

On that note, we want to know: What are your favorite strategies for engaging your students? Please leave your thoughts on the form below, and be sure to mention what ages/grades you teach. Your response can be as long or as short as you'd like — we look forward to reading it all!

Ideas from Fellow Teachers

1. Begin your lesson with an introductory hook, such as a brain teaser, a personal anecdote connected to the subject, a historical example, or a relevant video

2. Incorporate physical movement by allowing students to rotate through different stations around the room during an activity

3. Let students color a picture that relates to your lesson

4. After reading a story, ask students to draw a picture that summarizes what they learned

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