Chapter 2: Why Debate?

Chapter 3: Debate: The Janus-Faced Discipline

Chapter 5: Deciding to Debate

Chapter 6: Overview of Debate

Chapter 7: External Resources

Chapter 8: Inductive Logic: Introducing the Common Topics

Chapter 9: Inductive Logic: Definition

Chapter 10: Inductive Logic: Compariso

Chapter 11: Inductive Logic: Relationship

Chapter 12: Inductive Logic: Circumstance

Chapter 13: Inductive Logic: Testimony

Chapter 14: The Special Topics

Chapter 15: Deductive Logic: Categorical Syllogisms

Chapter 16: Internal Resources: Ethos

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Chapter 17: Internal Resources: Pathos

Chapter 18: Style and Rhetorical Devices

Chapter 19: Humor

Chapter 20: Arrangement: Affirmative

Chapter 21: Arrangement: Negative

Chapter 22: Arrangement: Cross-Examination

Chapter 23: Arrangement: Rebuttal

Chapter 24: Memory

Chapter 25: Delivery: Keys to Effective Presentation

Chapter 26: Other Types of Debate

Conclusion: Debate Opportunities in Life