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Plato: The Great Philosopher-Educator

Aristotle: Education for Virtue and Leisure

Discover Classical Christian Education

The Introduction to Classical Education

A New Natural Philosophy

The Myth Made Fact

Teaching From Rest

Socratic Conversations

From Wonder To Mastery: A Transformative Model for Science Education

Making School Beautiful: Restoring the harmony of Place

The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education

The Age of Martha: A Call to Contemplative Learning in a Frenzied Culture

A Student's Guide to Classical Education

The Classical Reader: A Comprehensive Reading Guide for K-12 Students

Science for Every Teacher
Volume 1: Physics

Echos of Eternity: A Classical Guide to Music

John Milton: Classical Learning and the Progress of Virtue

C.S. Lewis: An apologist for Education

Mortimer Adler: The Paideia Way of Classical Education

John Amos Comenius: A Visionary Reformer of Schools

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