Latin Alive! Book 1 Revised Edition | Coming in 2024!  

About Latin Alive! Book 1 Revised Edition

The new, full-color revised edition of Latin Alive! Book 1 (LA1) retains the excellent teaching of grammar and derivatives from the original edition while incorporating exercises and instructions that invite students to speak, listen, draw, and even move to their Latin lessons. This revised edition emphasizes an approach to language learning that draws from a variety of pedagogical tools taken from the best of the traditional focus on grammar as well as from the immersion method.

Students will encounter a wide range of exercise types, from fill-in-the-blank to conjugation and parsing to those that offer a multidisciplinary approach, in a book that has been restructured from 29 chapters to 23 chapters to better fit within the three-book Latin Alive! series.

In LA1, students will:

• Study Latin grammar and derivatives over the course of 22 weekly lessons
• Be introduced to all 5 noun declensions and cases, all verb conjugations, irregular verbs, and various pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs
• Learn interesting information about the Latin mottoes of various United States state seals
• Apply their increasing understanding of Latin as they engage in a wide variety of exercises
• Read stories in Latin about the Roman monarchy and republic, many of which are based on the stories of the great Roman historian Livy
• Discover additional historical information provided by Dr. Christopher Schlect, historian, professor, and director of the Classical Christian Studies Graduate Program at New Saint Andrews College
• Receive aid in preparation for the National Latin Exam and the AP™ Latin Exam through reading comprehension and multiple-choice exercises

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Please note: The full Latin Alive! Book 1 Revised Edition program, including textbook review copies and teacher resources, will be available in the summer of 2024. We do not send review copies to individual consumers.