Novare Science is a mastery-learning science series designed to promote long-term retention of course content. Students should experience the wonder that is built into the universe as they look closely at the world God has made. Novare emphasizes the integration of related subject matter such as mathematics, history, written & verbal communication, and even a little philosophy. And the textbooks are beautifully crafted and a pleasure to read!

"Thank you, for this answer book, the textbook and your love of God and the world he created. We are a homeschool family with a 10 year old and 12 year old and are slowly working through the Physical Science textbook. I am relearning much of what I did not learn well in high school, and my children are enjoying the process as well. I appreciate several aspects of your philosophy, including the mastery approach and your contagious love of our Creator and the opportunity that we have to deepen our understanding of His creation as we continually seek truth as revealed in the nature God created."

- Lorissa J. Katy, TX