The Curious Historian Level 3 | Coming in 2024!  

About The Curious Historian Level 3

The Curious Historian presents the study of history and culture from the beginnings of civilization (Mesopotamia and Egypt) through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. This robust history curriculum features teacher support, supplemental resources, lively songs, and much more! The beautiful full-color text is filled with rich details, historical time lines, and imagery of artifacts and artwork, plus a wealth of exercises, hands-on projects and activities, and appendices. Students will grow excited about history, see how people throughout the ages were both similar to and different from themselves, and learn to be scholars of the past who can make a difference in the future.

Level 3A is a one-semester book that introduces students to:
Unit I: The Divided World of the Early Middle Ages
• The twilight of the western Roman Empire
• The early kingdoms of western Europe
• The rise of Islam

Unit II: The Carolingian Age
• The empire of Charlemagne
• The Vikings
• The Byzantine Empire
• The expansion of western Christendom
• The Normans

Unit III: The Eastern World
• An intermediate period in China and the Sui and Tang dynasties
• The Gupta Empire and the arrival of Islam in India
• Islamic and Byzantine civilizations

Level 3B is a one-semester book that introduces students to:
Unit I: Knights, Kings, and Crusaders of the Late Middle Ages
• European society after 1066
• The Crusades
• Byzantium, the Muslim world, Outremer
• Western Christendom in the high Middle Ages
• 2th- and 13th-century renaissance and renewal

Unit II: Mongols, Mamelukes, and Moguls of the Middle and Far East
• China’s Song, Ming, Qing dynasties
• The Mongol and Mamluk Empires
• Islamic Empires
• Medieval Japan

Unit III: Merchants, Monarchs, and Renaissance Masters
• Crises of the 14th and 15th centuries
• The Renaissance and the New World
• The Reformation
• Reactions to the Reformation

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Please note: The Level 3A program, including textbook review copies and teacher resources, will be available in the spring of 2024, while the Level 3B program will be available in the fall of 2024. We do not send review copies to individual consumers.