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  • In The Festive School, Father Nathan Carr draws on his experience as a teacher, headmaster, and priest as he offers a series of wise, joyful reflections on the importance of festivity in Christian education. He makes an important distinction between the kind of quick, sugary fun, entertainment, and novelty that today’s popular culture so values, and the kind of deep and enriching festivity that will be substantial enough to satisfy our students. True joy cannot be found in a moment of novel entertainment, but rather in a way of life that is organized around prayer, worship, love, and relationship.

    Father Carr encourages teachers and administrators to use the beautiful festivities, rituals, and liturgies that the Church has already provided as the basis for creating a festive atmosphere in their schools and classrooms. At the end of each meditation, he shares ideas about practices—such as praying in the classroom, participating in a school-wide feast, and using rituals in daily lessons—that educators can share with their students to help them experience the Christian joy that comes from living out the life of the Church more fully.

  • Paperback

    ISBN: 9781600514784

    Pages: 160

    Dimensions: 5.5in x 8.5in

  • Father Nathan Carr, Author

    Father Nathan Carr

    Fr. Nathan Carr’s introduction to and subsequent love of Great Books occurred in the Western Civ classroom at Oklahoma Baptist University. After graduation from the University of Central Oklahoma, Nathan enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary and earned an MA in religion. He has also completed post-graduate work at the University of Toronto’s Wycliffe College, and is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church. He currently serves as Vicar of St. John’s, Oklahoma City and has been Headmaster of The Academy of Classical Christian Studies for the last ten years. He and his wife, Sarah, have six children..