Latin Alive! Book 1 Revised Edition (Teacher's Edition)

  • Latin Alive! Book 1 Revised Edition (Teacher's Edition)
  • Latin Alive! Book 1 Revised Edition (Teacher's Edition)

Latin Alive! Book 1 Revised Edition (Teacher's Edition)


  • Latin is an elegant and ancient language that has been studied for many generations. It is also quite alive in our culture and in the languages we speak today. You will be surprised at what you learn in each new chapter of Latin Alive! Book 1. As the first text in a 3-year series, it is a rigorous and thorough introduction to this great language that is designed to engage the upper-school (middle and high school) student. Brimming with relevant facts and stories, this text offers something for everyone.

    Latin Alive! Book 1 Features

    • 22 new content chapters, 5 reading-review chapters, and a pronunciation guide
    • Thorough grammar explanations, including all 5 noun declensions and cases; all verb conjugations; irregular verbs; and various pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs
    • A variety of multidisciplinary exercises to engage students in active learning, including parsing, fill in the blank, translation, oral Latin discussion, drawing, games, and more.
    • Substantial Latin readings on the history of the Roman Republic
    • Ancillary lessons that include derivative detectives, culture corners, Latin in science and more, as well as a study of our US state seals and their Latin mottoes
    • Exercises and questions to prepare students for the Universal Latin Exam, National Latin Exam, and early preparation for an Advanced Placement course
    • Historical contributions from Christopher Schlect, senior fellow of history and director of the classical studies graduate program at New Saint Andrews College, Moscow, ID

    This teacher’s edition includes extensive explanations, an answer key, and translations, as well as additional student exercises and unit tests.

  • Paperback

    ISBN: 9781600516795

    Dimensions: 8.5in x 11in

  • Karen Moore, Author

    Karen Moore

    Karen T. Moore has served as the Classical Languages Chair at Grace of Georgetown, Tx. since 2002. During her years at Grace Academy she has taught Latin, Greek, Ancient Humanities, and assisted with curriculum development. Karen is also the author of several Latin books including the Libellus de Historia series, the Latin Alive! series (Classical Academic Press) and Hancus ille Vaccanis (Logos Press). She is a course lecturer with ClassicalU, an adjunct professor in Classics with Houston Christian University, and a board member with the ACCS Institute for Classical Languages. Karen holds a BA in Classics from the University of Texas at Austin and an MSc with Distinction in Classical Art & Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Karen and her husband Bryan are the proud parents of three Grace Academy Alumni. When not reading Latin literature, Karen can be found working in her garden, hiking with her family, or leading her students in adventures across Italy.