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Latin for Children Primer A Activity Book!

  • Latin for Children Primer A Activity Book!

Latin for Children Primer A Activity Book!


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  • The Latin for Children Primer A Activity Book! accompanies Latin for Children Primer A, following chapter by chapter to supplement and enhance the practice of Latin vocabulary and grammar. With the activities, students will sail around the world, find their way out of dungeon mazes, rescue captive Latin words from an evil wizard, "weed out" the wrong crossword puzzle questions . . . and so much more. With over 100 pages of games, puzzles, and fun, Latin for Children Primer A Activity Book! makes mastery of a classical language anything but boring! Students will love learning Latin and look forward to class. Answers are included in the back of the book.

    Designed, revised, and continually sharpened since 2001, the award-winning Latin for Children curriculum continues to be a strong, inviting, and creative program designed to introduce students as young as fourth graders to Latin. It incorporates elements that will engage students of every learning style. When used as a whole, this series trains students in grammar, vocabulary, and English derivatives in a lively, interactive way that is perfectly suited to students in the grammar stage. The Latin for Children series is taught directly to the child and is a perfect choice for teachers and parents, including those who will be learning along with their students.

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  • Paperback

    ISBN: 9781600510052

    Pages: 168

    Dimensions: 8.5in x 11in

  • Rob Baddorf, Author

    Rob Baddorf

    Rob Baddorf, creative director and a partner at Classical Academic Press, can occasionally be found trying to stow away on a uranium expedition or looking to join a jungle team searching for pirate loot . . . or when he is stuck in traffic, he is dreaming up a story where he can do these things. Even though he earned a degree in screenwriting, his EXT. STORM - NIGHT slowly became "It was a dark and stormy night." When he's not writing middle-grade fiction, you can find him breathing life into CAP's graphic designs, media, and illustrations. Rob lives in Pennsylvania with his amazing wife and three boisterous children.

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    How to Teach Latin (PDF) 16 pages on teaching Latin for Children for school teachers

    Suggested Weekly Schedule (PDF) Suggestions for a weekly schedule using the full program

    Primer A Bonus Worksheets (PDF) 91 pages of exercises, quizzes, & tests, and Answer Key for use with LFC Primer A. FREE to copy, use, and distribute (not for resale). These files have been contributed by various authors. Feel free to submit your worksheets for consideration.

    Basic Latin Charts! (PDF) Colorful charts display the five noun declensions and the verb endings for present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect tenses. Each chart also lists the related Latin for Children and Latin Alive! chapters. A helpful resource for any Latin student!

    Flash Cards (PDF) Printable Latin flash cards with one page of Latin vocabulary and a corresponding page with English translation.

    Interactive Latin Charts! (PDF) These black and white Latin charts are easy to print, color, and cut out. Once cut, the charts provide an excellent hands-on approach to practicing all five noun declensions and verb endings for present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect tenses. Each chart also lists the related Latin for Children and Latin Alive! chapters.

    Thanksgiving Story Activity (PDF) A fun short story about a timid hawk flying south for the winter. Includes a Latin vocabulary list, two pages of activities, and an answer key at the end.

    Christmas Diglot Weaves (PDF) Story 1 and Story 2 are written by students of Grace Academy in Georgetown, Texas. Includes grammar taught up through chapter 13 of LFC Primer C.

    Latin Advent Calendar (PDF) Celebrate advent by printing and assembling this Latin Advent Calendar. Each day open a door to learn an advent-related Latin word! Two designs are available: Latin Advent Calendar One and Latin Advent Calendar Two.

    Latin for Children Series Combined Table of Contents (PDF)

    Latin for Children Primer A History Reader Answer Key for Version 4.0 (PDF) and Version 5.0 (2018)

    Latin for Children Primer A Errata (PDF)

    Latin for Children Primer A Page 73 (PDF), corrected for several errors with subject/verb agreement.

    Latin for Children Primer A History Reader Errata (PDF)

    Latin for Children Primer A Activity Book Errata (PDF)

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