Life Science Program

  • Life Science Program

Life Science Program


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  • Written to reflect the modern-day study of biology, Life Science addresses important large-scale topics and key micro-scale topics, treated at an appropriate grade level. With minimal mathematics, it is the perfect text for middle school students of the 21st century.

    Full program includes:

    Life Science

    This comprehensive curriculum investigates critical topics, including organ systems, genetics, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, and sensory systems. Additionally, there are four crucial chapters addressing the energy, populations, nutrient cycles, and biomes of ecosystems. The two final chapters provide introductions to evolutionary theory and the variation of traits.

    Life Science Digital Resources

    Consisting of documents only, Digital Resources include recommendations for teaching, quizzes, weekly review guides, semester exams, answer keys, sample answers to verbal questions, a lesson schedule, and a sample lesson calendar. The weekly, cumulative assessments are the central component of Novare’s mastery-learning strategy, as they require students to remember key concepts from previous chapters while learning material from new chapters.

    The Apprentice’s Companion for Life Science

    The Apprentice’s Companion is a valuable new combination of an experiment book, field manual, lab journal, sketchbook, and commonplace book. Enhanced with images of art, poems, and quotes by respected scientists and naturalists, the book prompts students to form hypotheses, take data, and revisit those hypotheses to assess, wherever possible, if they are supported by the data.

    *Your purchase of The Apprentice's Companion for Life Science includes Teacher Notes, a materials list, and three activity documents. These digital PDF files will be accessible in your MyLibrary account.