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Physics: Modeling Nature

  • Physics: Modeling Nature
  • Physics: Modeling Nature
  • Physics: Modeling Nature

Physics: Modeling Nature

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    Modeling Nature addresses the complaints teachers typically have with many of the current offerings. It is especially suited to STEM programs with a college-preparatory mission. Students who aspire to a technical career will find Modeling Nature to be the best text available with fresh, elucidating illustrations, and a narrative that explains concepts with attention to detail.

    Teachers will appreciate the book as a solid reference and lecturing tool. Each chapter includes plenty of exercises and clearly defined learning objectives. And Novare’s trademark integration of the essential historical background enhances awareness of the legacy and present day community of scientists.

    Many ask about this book’s suitability to AP Physics. From our FAQ page, “Modeling Nature can be used with the AP Physics 1/2 curriculum. In each case, the text covers the entire AP curriculum with a small number of exceptions.” Read here for more.

    Finally, Modeling Nature employs vector calculations and assumes students have completed trigonometry as a prerequisite. Problems in the text are not calculus-based, but since many students will take calculus concurrently with advanced physics, connections between the two are frequently highlighted. Modeling Nature is written with Novare priorities—supporting a mastery-learning paradigm, integrating related subjects, and a Kingdom perspective that inspires wonder in the beauty and complexity of God’s great world.

    Teachers, consider the benefit of using Novare’s Favorite Experiments in Physics and Physical Science. It includes all five experiments for Modeling Nature, 6 additional experiments for Novare’s Introductory Physics and Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry, plus over 50 demonstrations. An excellent resource for any physics teacher.

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  • Physics: Modeling Nature Experiments Parts List (PDF)