Science for Every Teacher

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Science for Every Teacher


  • Designed especially for K-8 teachers, homeschooling parents or anyone who wants a clear, accurate explanation of scientific concepts, Science for Every Teacher is an engaging, lucid reference to increase confidence and depth in science.

    Science for Every Teacher is for anyone who teaches K-8 students. Elementary school teachers teach many different subjects and often feel competent to teach all of them but one. When teaching science they often wish they had more depth in their own knowledge. They want to have more background than simply the text their students are using! And teacher’s guides rarely provide that kind of information in depth.

    What happens when students ask questions that go beyond the text?

    What happens if the explanations in the text are incomplete or unclear?

    What’s a teacher to do? Ask to borrow a high school textbook? Not likely. Surf the Internet? Too unfriendly and unreliable. Take online courses? Who’s got time for that?

    Science for Every Teacher is the perfect solution to increase your confidence and professionalism. The series is written at a level that any adult can understand, even with no prior training or college coursework in science. Each volume provides a thorough and accurate introduction to the subject. Content is written in a clear style, with every term and concept defined and explained in its place. The pace is unhurried, and examples make the science vivid and practical.

    Each colorful volume is loaded with illustrations, photographs, and applications. Sidebars address questions students are likely to ask such as, “Why is the sky blue?” and “What’s a laser?” Optional mathematical sections are included for interested readers and the appendices provide more in-depth information on topics such as units of measure and unit conversions. Historical passages blend enriching accounts of scientists and the adventures that scientific discoveries often involve.

    And what about home school parents, or parents of students at university-style schools? Science for Every Teacher is the perfect resource for every family. With Science for Every Teacher, parents will be well equipped to teach their children or to work alongside teachers with support at home.

    Science for Every Teacher is not curriculum specific. It just gives you the grasp of the topic so you can present a lesson with confidence. Increase your professionalism as an educator by knowing the real science, not simply what’s printed in the children’s textbook.

    Science for Every Teacher is written from a faith-neutral perspective and is appropriate in any educational context.

    If you need to order the charter school version of this text, please visit this page.