Song School Latin Book 1 Songs MP3

  • Song School Latin Book 1 Songs MP3
  • Song School Latin Book 1 Songs MP3
  • Song School Latin Book 1 Songs MP3

Song School Latin Book 1 Songs MP3


  • Our Song School Latin Book 1 CD is included in every Song School Latin Book 1 Student Edition and also is for sale on its own as an .mp3! Whether or not you have time to include Latin in your curriculum, you can still make these amazing songs part of your day as you travel or in your home. Give your kids Latin exposure even before they study it, or take this opportunity to share the music you have enjoyed with friends. These lively songs, which include everyday vocabulary in an easy-to-remember format, are the perfect dose of Latin contact without the commitment of a curriculum. Click on the Support tab above to download a PDF with song titles and lengths.

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    Customer Testimonials

    "I just started Song School Latin 1 this summer with my daughter (who is 8). Of all the things in the classical model that I have had to muster up the courage to attempt to learn or re-learn, Latin was the biggest. . . . Then I watched the preview clip of SSL on YouTube and found it so modern, clear, approachable and visually appealing that I bought it on hope. It has been WONDERFUL! My daughter loves it, and what's more, I do too. We are using our Latin words and giggling at Simeon and I finally feel confident that I have found a great company to help me overcome my intimidation with Latin. Sum Optime!!!!!!!" —Mindy, homeschool mom

    "A six-year-old boy’s favorite part of school is Latin? Want to know why? We’re using Song School Latin. We love this curriculum. I cannot recommend this book enough for the family who wants to gently introduce their early elementary student to Latin." —Amy, Heart of the Matter Online

    "Classical Academic Press seems to have a knack for producing materials that are academically sound and very user-friendly for both parent-teachers and students. Song School Latin does not disappoint. One of the appealing aspects of the program is the common, practical applications of Latin to children’s everyday life. Even though I have no formal background in Latin, I am so excited to begin the program with my son who will be starting kindergarten in the fall." —Nancy Casari Dayton, The Old Schoolhouse magazine

    "My children loved Song School Latin so much that they begged me to get Song School Greek. Even my three-year-old is picking up Latin words. It’s a wonderful introduction and well worth every penny."
    —Laura, homeschool mom

    "My boys, ages 4 and 7, beg to do their Latin. This program is fabulous!" —Aundrea, homeschool mom

    "My daughter just loves the Song School Latin and you have made teaching easier on me!" —Heather, homeschool mom

    "My kids love Song School Latin because it’s fun (and the songs are funny!). I love Song School Latin because it has been a gentle introduction to Latin for my 9-year-old and my 6-year-old has joined right in. The kids play Go Fish with their Latin Monkey Match cards and love to sing along with the lesson’s songs." —Erica, homeschool mom

    "I originally only planned to teach my daughter Latin this year but when my son saw how much fun Song School Latin was he wanted to learn too!" —Khristin, homeschool mom

    "After reading about the harsh conditions of growing up in ancient Sparta, I asked my 5-year-old (studying Song School Latin) how he would like to have grown up there. He replied, 'I’d be pessime’d, Mom.' I’m not sure I like mixing English slang with Latin, but at least he’s incorporating his Latin vocabulary into everyday conversations!" —Betty, homeschool mom

    "My three boys, ages 4, 5, and 7, LOVE Song School Latin. it’s probably their favorite subject!" —Elizabeth, homeschool mom

    "They loved Song School Latin Book 1 so much that they would do the entire lesson, DVD lesson, student workbook, song/chant, and vocabulary cards all in one day! And if that wasn’t enough, they wanted to do it daily! Sometimes they even wanted to do more on the weekends!" —Tanya, writer at The Natural Homeschool

    "Classical Academic Press quickly became a respected source for quality Latin programs with their Latin for Children series, and Song School Latin reflects their solid reputation. The songs are catchy, easy to memorize and even enjoyable for the educator (a big plus!), and the material is fun, engaging and creates a genuine excitement for the material. Quite honestly, it is the best we have seen thus far; I highly recommend it!" —J.H., homeschool parent

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    See the Support tab on the Song School Latin Book 1 program page for all available support and the many free resources associated with this product.

  • Carolyn Baddorf first discovered classical education when her husband, Rob, worked with Dr. Christopher Perrin to create the videos for the Classical Academic Press Latin programs. She now homeschools her three children, delights in a lively and creative family, and especially enjoys reading ancient literature. As the Latin magistra (teacher) in the Song School Latin videos and songs and the Latin for Children audio chants, Carolyn has enjoyed both deepening and enriching her own vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

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