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Spanish for Children Primer A Chant Audio

  • Spanish for Children Primer A Chant Audio

Spanish for Children Primer A Chant Audio


  • This audio file (now in streaming only) features an experienced and energetic Spanish teacher and her students pronouncing and rhythmically repeating each grammar chart and vocabulary word from Spanish for Children Primer A—both the Spanish and the English equivalent. This is an incredible tool to use for fun memorization.

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    "We LOVE Spanish for Children! Classical Academic Press has provided us with quality curriculum! I have been looking for an elementary-level Spanish that does not dumb down the language and assume the kids can only learn colors and numbers. As a Spanish teacher, the number one problem I have found is that high school students do not know first, second, and third person. Spanish for Children introduces this in the very first lesson along with verb conjugation. Thank you for realizing just what children are capable of learning! This is perfect!” —Cynthia, homeschool mom

    “What a super resource—muchas gracias, qué bueno!” —Christina, homeschool mom

  • List of All Spanish for Children Primer A Cantos Sections (PDF)

    See the Support tab on the Spanish for Children Primer A program page for all available support and the many free resources associated with this product.

  • Julia Kraut

    A lifelong lover of studying language and culture, Julia holds a master’s degree in Spanish language and culture from the Universidad de Salamanca Cursos Internacionales (in Spain), and another in Études du monde anglophone (Anglophone cultural studies) from Aix-Marseille University in France. She also has BAs in international studies, theatre arts, and medieval studies from Pennsylvania State University, where she was a Schreyer Honors Scholar.

    After teaching Spanish in a K–8 setting, Julia married a Francophile and moved to France, where she taught English in elementary and middle schools and at the university level, all while continuing to study Spanish and Catalan, a romance language spoken in Andorra and parts of Spain. Out of all the classes she has taken, her favorite involved studying how Spanish evolved from Latin during the Middle Ages. As a researcher, she is particularly interested in how creativity and play affect learning, and in how our understanding of the past is meaningful to us in the present.

    Julia is also the author of the Song School Spanish series. Her children enjoy asking her to sing the “Sit on Your Silla Song” from Song School Spanish to all their friends.

  • ISBN: 9781600512094
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    Height: 5.0in

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