The Liberal Arts Tradition Companion Files

  • The Liberal Arts Tradition Companion Files
  • The Liberal Arts Tradition Companion Files

The Liberal Arts Tradition Companion Files


  • The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education has been read and endorsed widely throughout the classical education community since it was first published in 2014, inspiring conversation and collaboration among schools, administrators, and homeschoolers. You can now deepen your study with The Liberal Arts Tradition Companion Files, a wealth of additional resources and tools that accompany the 2019 revised edition of this incredible text. The Liberal Arts Tradition Companion Files include the following components:

    1) Exclusive Liberal Arts Tradition Insights Video Playlist
    This collection of videos features an expanded discussion on the history, tenets, and impact of the liberal arts within classical education. Authors Dr. Kevin Clark and Ravi Scott Jain lead the robust conversation, which consists of 38 minutes of footage split into 7 episodes:

    • The Harmony of the Liberal Arts (4:28)
    • Preserving the Trivium (7:17)
    • The Pattern of the Liberal Arts Tradition (8:14)
    • Hallmarks of a Classical Christian Community (1:47)
    • Liberal Arts, Practical Arts, and Technology (6:58)
    • Learning from the Past (6:20)
    • Liberal Arts Communities (2:53)

    To hear more from the authors, you can also visit the Liberal Arts Tradition landing page to watch their Behind-the-Scenes video playlist. This FREE playlist features an additional 28 minutes of content, including episodes on "New Content," "The Need for a Revised Edition," "A Message for First-Time Readers," and more.

    2) PDF Resources
    These 4 beautifully designed PDFs feature key illustrations from The Liberal Arts Tradition that you can use in your home or classroom:

    • The "Piety, Gymnastic, Music, Arts, Philosophy, and Theology (PGMAPT)" map
    • "The Journey of a Student through the PGMAPT" paradigm
    • "The Circle of Paideia of the Lord" illustration
    • "The Liberal Arts Tree" illustration

    3) Headmaster's Guide for Using The Liberal Arts Tradition
    Many classical schools throughout the country have read and used the first edition of The Liberal Arts Tradition as part of their teacher-training programs. We have now created a practical guide for how principals, headmasters, and co-op leaders can wisely employ the revised edition to help grow and develop classical teachers and craft an effective teacher-training program. The Headmaster's Guide for Using The Liberal Arts Tradition includes a 10-month schedule to guide teachers and faculty through the program over the course of an academic year, along with suggestions for incorporating online videos, discussion questions, and other resources.

    4) Supplemental Training Video and PowerPoint Presentations
    We have supplied a training video and 3 supplemental PowerPoint presentations that can be used as valuable resources to enhance your own reading of the book or in conjunction with faculty/parent seminars on the liberal arts:

    • Exclusive: A training video and corresponding PDF and PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Christopher Perrin, based on The Liberal Arts Tradition
    • A PDF and PowerPoint presentation of the definitions of each component of the PGMAPT
    • A PDF and PowerPoint presentation of the illustrations representing each component of the PGMAPT
  • E-book

    ISBN: 9781600515743

    Access available through My Library.