The Stones Cry Out

  • The Stones Cry Out

The Stones Cry Out


  • In this secular age, why would a well-educated, seemingly intelligent person cling to the vain hope of an ancient faith when the world’s leading voices and institutions have moved on, believing in modern myths now so widely accepted that they are the basis for laws, theories, social policies, medical practices, and personal opinions?

    This is the question that David Hicks asks and seeks to answer in The Stones Cry Out! Many skeptics of the ancient Christian faith scoff at its mythic qualities while assuming and proclaiming their own secular myths, which are just as religious, just as cosmic, and just as determinative as the ancient myths of Christianity.

    In this thought-provoking book, Hicks compares the sacred myths (Creation, the Garden, and the Murder myth) with three secular myths (Reason, Science, and the Imagined Self). He asserts that these myths bring to light a mythic conflict that presents us with crucial choices regarding what is real, who we are, and how we should live. The book clarifies the conflict and helps readers to better see, discern, and choose as through the myths we orient our sense of what is good, evil, moral, true, and reasonable.

    Hicks leads readers through his own lifelong journey as he has constructed, stone by stone, a philosophy of the real, true, and good. Each stone represents the thoughts of others who have called out through the ages with inspiration and insight. As we follow the building of Hicks’s wall, we are invited to do the same, joining him, lifting and fitting each singing stone as a mythic chorus grows more audible and compelling.

  • Hardback

    ISBN: 9781600516887

    Pages: 296

    Dimensions: 6in x 9in

  • David Hicks, Author

    David V. Hicks graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton and read philosophy at Oxford. He taught strategy at the Naval War College while serving in the Navy and spent most of his life heading independent schools and serving on boards in America and abroad. He wrote his first book, winner of an ALA Award in Education, Norms & Nobility, while still in his twenties. Since then, he and his brother Scot, an international school head, have collaborated on a number of translations: The Emperor’s Handbook (Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations) published by Scribner, and an annotated series of Plutarch’s Lives, The Lawgivers, The Statesmen, and The Tyrant, published by CiRCE. Hicks and his wife, Mary Elizabeth, have four grown children and live on a ranch near Harrison, Montana. They are members of St. Anthony the Great Orthodox Church in Bozeman.