Mapping Your Writing, Logic, and Rhetoric Programs toward the Senior Thesis

by Joelle Hodge

The senior thesis is a capstone project, the crowning achievement in a student's academic journey. The path to the senior thesis begins with a strong foundation in writing, continues with a study of logic and how to build arguments, and culminates with the practice of rhetoric, the art of persuasion.

Navigating this journey will provide numerous lasting benefits for students but can be complicated. To make mapping out your path more straightforward, we have supplied a year-by-year suggested track for 7th-12th graders. Following this recommended sequence will help students bring together what they've learned from their writing, logic, and rhetoric studies and apply those skills toward crafting a senior thesis: their most important high school work.


*Writing and Rhetoric Book 11 and Book 12 release dates TBD
**This text can be completed at any point during 9-12th grade

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