The Many Settings of Scholé (with Phaedra Shaltanis)

This episode we’re talking about: The widespread nature and impact of restful learning

~  How the “thinking process” sets classical education apart

~ The rewards of working with both upper- and lower-school students

~ How Scholé Academy’s online setting enhances restful learning

~ Advice for those beginning their classical journey

Phaedra Shaltanis is a seasoned classical educator with twenty years of experience teaching in the classical tradition. Her experience includes home-educating her four children, teaching in private schools, creating a classical curriculum for young learners, serving as a leader in various programs, and mentoring parents and teachers in classical education. Phaedra cherishes conversations built on God’s truth and strives to engage others through discourse, particularly in the areas of literature and history. She hopes to encourage her students toward a stronger ardor for language as they seek after God and treasure their membership in Christ’s kingdom.

Phaedra Shaltanis

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