Song School Spanish Book 1 Songs

  • Song School Spanish Book 1 Songs
  • Song School Spanish Book 1 Songs
  • Song School Spanish Book 1 Songs

Song School Spanish Book 1 Songs


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  • Our Song School Spanish Book 1 songs are for sale on their own! Whether or not you have time to include Spanish in your curriculum, you can still enjoy these amazing songs in your day, in your home or as you travel. Featuring 42 lively songs/chants, this music collection is a delightful part of the program that reinforces the Spanish taught in the Song School Spanish Book 1 student edition. Give your kids Spanish exposure even before they study it, or take this opportunity to share the music you have enjoyed with friends. These songs, sung by native speakers, include everyday vocabulary in an easy-to-remember format. This is the perfect dose of Spanish language contact without the commitment of a curriculum. Click on the Support tab above to download a PDF with song titles and lengths.

    Now there is a Spanish program suited to the energy, developmental level, and fun-loving nature of your early-elementary (1st-3rd grade) students! Song School Spanish Book 1 is patterned after our best-selling Song School Latin curriculum and features weekly lessons peppered with songs/chants, enjoyable vocabulary, illustrations, handwriting practice, stories, games, and activities. A small amount of grammar is introduced mildly throughout the book, with the focus on relevant, everyday vocabulary to engage young students. Students who learn from Song School Spanish Book 1 will love learning Spanish and will be more than prepared to continue their studies with the Spanish for Children series.



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    “My 2nd grader really enjoyed the activities, the worksheets, the songs . . . pretty much everything about this program! There was so much to like about this program. So much is done right!” —Jenni, homeschool mom and blogger

    “I really like the Teacher’s Edition. It is very easy to use. It has the student book replicated with all of the answers filled in, but also includes directions on how to teach or help your child learn certain words and concepts, and also has extra games and things that you can do with your child to help him learn and remember what is being taught.” —Tim, homeschool dad and blogger

    “I have a great curriculum to share with you. The girls have been having the best time learning Spanish with Song School Spanish from Classical Academic Press. I think you’ll like it too! We love this curriculum, and I was so very happy to discover that the program continues into the older grades, so we can continue with the same company. My girls are having fun with the lessons, and the material is challenging without being too heavy. . . . Satisfied customers right here. :)” —Laurie’s School Days

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    See the Support tab on the Song School Spanish Book 1 program page for all available support and free resources associated with this series.

  • Carolyn Baddorf

    Carolyn first discovered classical education when her husband, Rob, worked with Dr. Christopher Perrin to create the videos for the Classical Academic Press Latin programs. She now homeschools her three children, delights in a lively and creative family, and especially enjoys reading ancient literature. As the Latin magistra (teacher) in the Song School Latin videos and songs and the Latin for Children audio chants, Carolyn has enjoyed both deepening and enriching her own vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

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