Song School Latin Book 1 Video

  • Song School Latin Book 1 Video
  • Song School Latin Book 1 Video

Song School Latin Book 1 Video


  • A yearlong course for students in grades 1-2 This engaging, simple, and fun video (choose between streaming format or 3-DVD set) follows the lessons in Song School Latin Book 1. Each of the 24 episodes (one for every non-review chapter) features a lively magistra and magister who narrate the vocabulary practice, simple grammar lessons, and derivative training. Simeon the Monkey makes appearances in each episode, delighting students with his animated story, which features numerous vocabulary words. There is also an animated "Derivative River” that highlights the way in which Latin words have come into various languages, including English, Spanish, and French. We’re sure this video will be the highlight of your Latin week. Your students will be recounting the stories and words they learn from their digital friends and asking for repeat performances. Give them the opportunity to learn from other teachers and to use the intelligence of their eyes and ears. The multi-modal approach of this video promises to delight and inform young students and set them on a course to loving Latin. The streaming option provides the convenience of instant access, as well as desktop, smart TV, and mobile viewing capabilities. For Homeschoolers, streaming access lasts for the life of the product. Returning school customers continue receiving streaming access at no annual cost when student editions are purchased by October 31st.


    • 24 episodes, following the book chapter by chapter
    • classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations
    • teaching in vocabulary, simple grammar, and derivatives
    • My Pet Monkey bilingual story animation
    • each episode approximately 10 minutes

    Streaming video purchase includes games, videos, and other activities that will keep students engaged and will help further reinforce their new Latin skills.
    Streaming supplemental content includes:

      • Flash Dash (Game): This fast-paced game will challenge students’ knowledge of vocabulary as they progress through the book, unit by unit.
      • Jungle Jump (Game): Jungle Jump is another fun way to practice the Song School Latin 1 vocabulary. Play as Simeon and jump your way through the jungles collecting the correct translation to the Latin words!
      • Jungle Journey Board Game (PDF Game): Print your own game and play it with the family! A seven-board game that allows for traditional table-top play. Various rule-sets allows for different age groups to play at the same time.
      • Coloring Pages & Lapbooks: Print-outs for every vocabulary word allowing for coloring-fun all while practicing your Latin!
      • More Videos: Additional animated stories featuring the vocabulary words from the Song School Latin curriculum.
  • Digital online

    ISBN: 9781600515880

    Access available through My Library.

    DVD video

    ISBN: 9781600510755

    Dimensions: 5.5in x 5in

  • Christopher Perrin MDiv, PhD, Author

    Christopher Perrin MDiv, PhD

    Dr. Christopher Perrin is an author, consultant, and speaker who specializes in classical education. He is committed to the renewal of the liberal arts tradition. He cofounded and serves full-time as the CEO/publisher at Classical Academic Press, a classical education curriculum, media, and consulting company. Christopher is also a consultant to charter, public, private, and Christian schools across the country. He serves on the board of the Society for Classical Learning and as the director of the Alcuin Fellowship of classical educators. He has published numerous articles and lectures that are widely used throughout the United States and the English-speaking world.

    Christopher received his BA in history from the University of South Carolina and his MDiv and PhD in apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary. He was also a special student in literature at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland. He has taught at Messiah College and Chesapeake Theological Seminary, and served as the founding headmaster of a classical school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for ten years. He is the author of An Introduction to Classical Education, The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, and Greek for Children, and the coauthor of the Latin for Children series, all published by Classical Academic Press.

    Amy Rehn (Gosnell), Author

    Amy Rehn (Gosnell)

    Amy Rehn, now Amy Gosnell, is a wife, homemaker, and mother of two toddler girls. She began studying Latin as a homeschooled high school student, and continued her Latin studies through classes at the University of Maryland. She taught Latin for five years in two classical homeschool academies and at a classical Christian school in Maryland.

    She earned her B.S. in special education from Bob Jones University, and a master's in speech pathology from the University of South Carolina while working on the Song School Latin books. She currently practices in South Carolina as a part-time speech language pathologist, treating preschoolers with Downs and and a variety of other disabilities. She thrives on time outdoors with her family, ballroom dancing with her husband, and answering Latin questions from several of her adorable nephews and nieces.

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